Common Misconceptions About Chihuahuas

Ai, ai, ai! What yippy-yappy little dogs, right!


Ai, ai, ai! What snarly, snapping, unfriendly little dogs, right?

Wrong again.

Ai, ai, ai! They're only good for jet-set wannabe fashion accessories or to sit in Great Aunt Hortense' lap to frighten off toddlers, right?

Couldn't possibly be any more wrong, wrong, wrong.

If you're basing an opinion of Chihuahuas on the round-headed, bug-eyed, bald, incontinent, snarling little monster with all the moles and the dragon breath that sat in Great Aunt Hortense' lap and made a swipe at biting anyone who ventured within a three foot radius (excepting, of course, Great Aunt Hortense), you've missed out on getting to know an utterly delightful member of the toy breeds.

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed, by standard, although the Yorkie comes close. Their engaging temperament, charming, affectionate natures and natural fastidiousness make them popular companion dogs, especially in urban environments.

The breed was brought to the American popular consciousness by Xavier Cugat, the Latin bandleader who caught Americans up in the rhythms of the tango, the mambo, the rumba. Although he switched women with alarming regularity, he was true to his chosen breed, the Chihuahua. For many years his favorite, Pepito, was featured in many of Cugat's publicity photos and appearances. Cugat became a Chihuahua breeder, certifying in the dogs' papers that they were, indeed, Cugat dogs.

Like so many breeds, the Chihuahua has become a victim of its own popularity. For decades the little dogs have been a favorite victim of puppymill operations and other unscrupulous sellers of animals. Their small size and long life spans, added to the popularity of the breed, makes them attractive to those sorts. It doesn't take much room to keep them in tiny cages, they can have a long breeding career, and unhealthy anomalies, like the “deer head” or “apple head” are touted to the unknowing as being rare and valuable, as are the poorly bred, undersized specimens referred to as “teacup” Chihuahuas. If someone wants to sell you an expensive “deer head teacup Chihuahua,” run the other way.

Sadly, these reprehensible breeding practices have resulted in temperament problems and health issues that many now associate with the breed. This is grossly unfair. A properly bred Chihuahua is a friendly creature, although they will, because of the vulnerability of being so small, tend to be more quick to bark a warning than most larger dogs might be. They can also be somewhat protective of their owners and can often prefer to be one-person dogs, but with responsible socialization they are quick to learn to differentiate between a friendly stranger and one who is a threat.

While it is tempting to carry such a small dog, and they do look so delicate, a well-bred Chihuahua is a hardy little dog -- a dog through and through! They love to run and are swift and graceful and will appreciate a hike as much as most other dogs. Most do, however, appreciate being held when in a crowd. It is far too easy for such a small animal to be stepped on and badly injured. Or worse. Some Chihuahuas also make excellent mousers, exhibiting a very Terrier-like enthusiasm for hunting.

It is really up to the Chihuahua owner to determine whether they end up with Great Aunt Hortense' little terror or a bright, intelligent, captivating companion. A Chihuahua is, after all, a dog in every sense of the meaning. They need to be taught. Self-confidence needs to be nurtured. Socialization is essential. Mental and physical exercise imperative. They need a job, just like any other dog, whether it is herding dust bunnies under the sofa, giving an elderly person a focus for their attention and affections, catching mice or keeping the cat honest. Just like any other dog, they will reward your efforts with love and affection. Big gifts from a very small package.

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A LITTLE Chihuahua History

Once upon a time, there was a barkless Chihuahua . . .

No, seriously. A lot of them. Really!

Well, technically, not the Chihuahua we know today, that has, often unjustly, been labeled as a “yappy little dog” (usually because of owners who assume that cute little dogs don't need to learn manners -- but that's a misconception for another article); the ancestor of today's Chihuahua, the Techichi dog. When Columbus wrote to Isabella, describing his “discoveries” in the New World, he included a description of a dog kept by the natives, a very small dog, one that did not bark, but was... read more


Should You Spay or Neuter Your Chihuahua?

Deciding whether to have your Chihuahua sterilized is one of the first important decisions that you will make as a pet owner.  As with all decisions, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed before you decide on whether or not to spay or neuter your puppy.

The Advantages of Sterilization

Perhaps the greatest benefit of spaying and neutering is the decrease in the population of unwanted puppies.  Accidental pregnancies and irresponsible breeding are real problems that result in unwanted puppies.  These puppies often end up in animal shelters where... read more

Do you Wonder if Commercial
Dog Food is Killing your Chihuahua?

If You Care about Your Chihuahua’s Health,
Read this Before you Buy Commercial Dog Food

If you knew the truth about how commercial dog food is made, it would be the LAST thing you ever fed to your Chihuahua.  Don’t be fooled by the slick packaging and meaningless marketing terms like “premium” or “natural”.  It’s the ingredients that go into the package that matter, and those can be quite appalling…even shocking!  Therefore, choose the food that your Chihuahua will be eating every day with extreme care.

Like most Chihuahua owners, I'm sure you care deeply about the health and well being of your precious Chi. Therefore, you need to be aware of the appalling state of affairs in the commercial pet food industry. Many of the brand names that you know and trust are quite simply using ingredients that can harm your dog.

An analysis of these ingredients can be alarming, even downright disgusting! They take a lot of stuff that is not fit for human consumption, including animal "by-products", things like hooves, organs, stomachs and bowels...with the contents still in them, sick and diseased animals, even road kill and euthanized dogs and cats in some documented cases. Then they mix in the refuse from vegetable and grain processing. Stuff like ground corncobs, stalks and husks, rotten and spoiled vegetables and moldy, fungus riddled grains. Then they mix it together, package it up, stick fancy labeling on it and sell it as... read more








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